One of those days after work, I’ve walked into a bar. I was worried, so worried….it turned into an ache, I pulled out a seat, ordered for something chilled, dropped my bag and sat…..I’m not used to that, I might not lose my job but others might. The world looked blanked.

Earlier that day, a heavy client pulled out of our business. I had earlier asked our boss reasons, but there wasn’t any response. It took us 3 months to get this client into our business, and after six months he pulled? Nope….not under my watch.

I wouldn’t know if my colleagues were as worried as I was, but I had turned pale. I couldn’t pick any call save one. I remembered my dad. He had earlier trained me in life with this statement “THINGS CAN’T GO WRONG UNDER YOUR WATCH” , I could hear it resounding in my ears. It hunt me. I would do anything legal to get it fixed.

He would kill me for not taking care of my kid bro, kill me for not washing my school uniform, kill me for not checking on the soup, kill me for letting my siblings play too much, kill me for letting my siblings fail, kill me for the slightest issue. It was always my fault. I was a kid, I was in my primary 5….mum would cry.

In primary 6, he never touched me again till date. He started trusting my decisions. We became friends, he wasn’t just the dad I dread, he became my Gee. We would talk about anything. He would look at a lady and now say, “Nnaa, go say hi to her and give me feedback”….He is now my father, friend, and more.

I bent my head on that table, the bar girl had touched me twice….”oga, ur drink don dey hot o, mek I change am?”…..She was nice. I wanted a solution to this client. I called my dad, “dad, a client of our company just pulled out, and I’m worried, it’s not my fault but I feel terrible”……..he replied, “not your fault, but if it affects people close to you under your watch, then it’s your fault, fix it tonight, I and mum will be praying for you”.

I picked my bag, settled the bill, picked a drop to my house. I called all the lines I know the client with, it was 9pm on a Friday. I sent 3 different mails, I knelt down, prayed again, called….I was getting mad. Nothing can get wrong under my watch, I pleaded in my soul. The company cannot lose….never! I called by 11pm again. I wasn’t minding protocol. Someone picked. Wow!

“Hey….Please Joel, come to my office on Monday, we’ll resume business”…..We did…..That was the end of that night’s phone call. I called my dad, thanked him, he said “Nna moh” meaning, my boy. I had the most beautiful night rest. I felt fulfilled, and satisfied.

Things can’t go wrong under your care friends. Atleast, try your best. Try your best to save your family, your circle, you unit, your department, your academics, your future, your job, etc. Give it all you have, don’t mind people who’ll want to pull you down. Strive, fight, put in your best, Nothing goes down under your watch….and if life let it go down? Atleast, you tried.

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