Certain Abuses that must be stopped

Boarded a car to work the other day. We were three at the back. I, a lady at the center, and a man at the other end (I felt they were couple because of the fourth-finger rings & asoebi they both wore).

I could hear their agitative whispers. It was kind of intense, couldn’t make sense of whatever they were dragging. Before I knew it, the guy slapped the lady. Jezz!! I’ve never felt so embarrassed in a while. Why should he bring his stupidity to the public.

I felt a rumbling & a volcanic eruption in my tommy. She covered her face with her hands, bent down and cried. In my thoughts I asked, of all places, why in a cab? Who knows what this woman has been passing through at home? Why the disrespect in a public place? Whatever prompted this.

It was soo bad in my head, I felt like alighting the cab already. Totally gross. He was still telling her to shut up. I didn’t want to say anything, but at a point I couldn’t hold it. I told the driver to stop me. As he was preparing to handover my balance, I used a statement on the man…..”You’re a total waste and diagrace to the human race, you should be castrated”…….he couldn’t utter a word.

Certain things are bad, but certain stuffs are just terrible. All these beating here and there, mehn….I can’t deal. Insipidic Cowards!! This one pained me.

I just don’t even want to talk about ladies who slap guys when they propose. What happened to a simple “No”? Madness!! Mtcheww!! Nonsense!!!


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