The misinterpretation of love

This wasn’t the Love my parents taught us. They weren’t saying it in connotation to any religious values. They meant it, “LOVE is meant to be blind”……Love does not see. They didn’t stutter at it. Love was supposed to be two people putting each other first. So it didn’t matter how many times I helped my younger ones launder their cloths. And even if they fail to wash mine exactly as I washed theirs, atleast they tried. That is supposed to be Love.The issue is that we’ve now turned Love into a game of manipulation. You’ll practically act up with the intent of your loved one to unnecessarily miss you or cry. Your friends will now tell you….Don’t always be available. Love doesn’t speak those languages.Those advise goes a long way, thus…you now start acting mysterious for the one you claim you Love. In your words, “you don’t want them to figure out what you’re doing”. You’re practically using “48 laws of power” on the one you claim you love. No, that is not the Love I was taught. If you love someone, you won’t intentionally hurt her. Love should be sacrificial. Love doesn’t count. Love gives. Love reassures. Love understands. Love is not manipulative. Mind the advise you get from people who wants you to treat your lover in a kind of way.


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