People react to bad news differently

People react to bad news differently. When aunt’s last kid died, that same moment she stood up, went downstairs, and demanded we go eat at the restaurant. She laughed, and jested all through. I knew she was unhappy, but she was overly too strong.I would’ve reacted differently. At first, I’ll not cry, but I’ll go dull. You’ll see me smile at everything, and at every slightest opportunity, I will sleep. When I wake, I’ll be fine but isolated and might not sleep again for days. That’s when the reality sets in for me. It would break me without you knowing, but I’ll still smile.There are levels to this depression thingy. At those times, you’ll see some talk to themselves while walking, some others starts engaging in more depressive activities, some go isolated, some go philosophical, some go blasphemous, others commit suicide. We’re all wired differently. Remember to Pray.People are going through stuffs they can’t expose to you. Don’t go castigating a situation you can’t help fix. Don’t say….”hey, you’re crying too much”. We all handle hurts differently. You’re not any way better. Try make people’s burdens easier. If you can’t help, be quiet. The days are not just easy anymore. Not all happy faces on social media are really happy. Social media can be a stress reliever for some. Some put up these things for the gram. Many sadness behind those beautiful smiles. People will not tell you these things. Depression does not care about size or level. If it strikes when you’re not prepared, YOU WILL GO DOWN.Don’t be a reason someone wets his pillows. Shout out to everyone who is still holding on. Don’t worry, this too shall pass.


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