Law of Karma is not your friend.don’t be woke.

People now call it “woke”. They are now of the woke generation. I see people litter it all over statuses. Creating enemies out of friendship. In their statement…..”negative energy stay away”. Everytime, people are offending you. Hey look! You’re the problem.They talk of how to “pepper” their enemies, how enemies will see them succeed, talking down on people they feel don’t support them. I thought status was created for fun, why have your enemies on your phonebook? You spew bile from your attitude and timeline.They shouldn’t be viewing your status then. Your friend called you fat, short, or made jest of you. You took offence. Excuse me, are you not short and fat and thin and long and etc? Why come to your status/timeline to tell us that people body shamed you? Why not look at them and say….”Yeah, I am me”….. Can’t you be joked with? You’re forming woke.You see a guy acting sissy and effeminate, you excuse it for 21st century. You said it’s their life. You talk back to elders, you call it “woke”. You abuse people, you call it “woke”. You wear skimpy stuffs, flaunting things….you say it’s the 21st century, and you’re “woke”.You turn back at Jesus, and labelled it that “white men brought you Christianity and took away your gods”. You’re defending amadioha that required human sacrifices. You’re claiming “woke”…. you want to return to your roots.You went to court with your babe, signed some documents, got married and never got consent of your parents. In your head, if your parents don’t want both of you, you can do it your way….. Divorce is nothing any longer. You can’t tolerate anything any longer….”woke” humans.Your kids are not respectful, but you go about defending them. You’re a 21st century mum. Integrity doesn’t count for you again. You mess-up their teachers, and neighbours for correcting your kids…..”woke” mum, well-done.The core values you negate, the values you trample upon, the values you should’ve passed on, the values you laugh over at……Will Come Back To Hunt You One Way Or The Other. Karma is not your friend.


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