April 2021

The reason you should sell off pride.

It’s nice we drop our shoulder pads and walk normal. Ego doesn’t fetch a thing. Your skeleton will soon be exposed, and you’ll walk like a naked chicken. Empty drums makes the loudest noise. Climb down from your high horse and be ye normal. Pride makes you spend more. It makes you depressed. Pride is expensive.If you can’t afford to send your kids to a kind of school common in your neighbourhood, send them to the one you can afford. So that you can be sane. If you can’t afford a kind of wedding, do the one you can afford, and nothing will happen. Shoes, are shoes. Okrika is a cloth. No go dey do pas ursef. Any watch that has good battery will show same time, so go for the one you can afford.If you get a job in an office, calm down and respect other staff. Don’t start feeling fly or forming. If you had such money, you wouldn’t have applied, or better still, you would’ve owned a company too. The janitor in your office is a staff, she is the one that makes you look good, respect them. Likewise the security personnel, climb down from your high horse, and greet them.Don’t be embarrassed when you’ve tried your best, but no employment yet. Don’t be embarrassed by the type of hustle you now engage in. The people laughing at you won’t give a coin. Trust me, you’re richer than them. Go and sell those tomatoes, burn the charcoal, count the poles, sell your pure water, crush those stones, if that is what it’ll take to put food on your table. All hustles are one, na d cloth we wear different. Just do it.If any marketing venture suites you, continue. People like me will always give you listening ear. Don’t be tired of posting it on your walls, timelines, status….let it be on the face of everyone, till we all get tired and buy! Keep pushing, keep fighting, keep being legitimate. Fight for your name, and what you believe in. This is life, and you don’t know who has been rocking your boat, and also your backbone. Hope this meets you well? Have a beautiful life. The person you look down on, might have more value than you. Stay Humble!!

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