Negative Effects of Parents forcing their Children into marriage

And while we were behind her husband’s car, she told me a story of her Ex lover, John.

In the front seat, Her husband was having a conversation with his mother on the issue of a property that was in dispute, and how he was called upon as a lawyer to take up the case. He was taken by the discussion that he wasn’t concerned about what his wife was telling me.
John was a business man,he has a very big store in Lagos where he deals specially on women belonging, cloths, shoes, jewelrys.

He owns a portable bungalow at Lagos, and built a two story building together with his siblings at his home town ogidi, Anambra state. She told me on how she loved to marry a business man who have graduated from a university. Her reason for that was that he wouldn’t pronounce rice as lice, or my love as my rove, and John was the perfect man.

When John declared his interest to marry her, her parents disagreed because he was not a Roman Catholic church. She tried convincing them but her parents said she was the last child, and none out of the older seven siblings did otherwise. She needed her parents blessings, thus she obliged.

Looking at her smiling beautiful eyes, and the tenderness that comes from her words when she says “John”, I was griped with fear, fear for the regret she would continue to live with, as she still loves John……

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