The four broken mirrors(Tales)

THE FOUR BROKEN MIRRORS (TALES)The golden MirrorI was once beautiful, perfectly sculpted with gold clothing.My face clearer than the springs, smiles radiated from meShe greeted me naked, clothed, happy and I in turn showed her perfection.She was fulfilled and safe as was I, hidden from the faces of men.I stare into her soul as she does mine, and innocence radiates.She was as pure as the sparkles from the diamonds. Then in the dark, my back felt the crack as I kissed the ground.Slowly, painfully I could see the crack surface to my once-perfect-faceMy glassy particles fell, and her blood spilled.I was on the ground and she beside me barely clothed not by choice.My once beautifully sculpted back broken, her roses taken,I was broken, and so was she.Our faces met, but darkness erupted.No more sparkles in her eyes, no more joy.Our secrets were taken from us by force.For the robber had stolen from us our purity and dignity.She put me back together, yet I am not whole for all I see is a hollow being.THE WOODEN MIRRORI was alive before the earth invited her.My body as large as the whale, and yet sturdy, and sound.I watched her walk with four limbs and they good enough,Till maturity decided otherwiseShe once crawled close to my feet and greeted me with a smile,I looked into her soul and peace radiated.Every morning I had greeted her with her father and mother,He gave her kisses and gave me neatness.She was my friend and I her confidant.Her father became too busy and my face too cloudy.He missed days, then weeks before his presence became another’s.Her mother broken, became engulfed by drunkenness .I was rejected by her and she sought refuge at tables.Little by little she became bigger, and I smaller.Till she could no more bear the being she saw in me.Depression arrived and I was forgotten.She became larger than I, and once she looked at me, only shame she saw.Till she greeted me for the last time with a fist,Then I was shattered.THE PLASTIC MIRRORI was not specially clothed but I was bought with love.She took me from the slick tongue for some notes,I arrived her home because of her journey,She was beautiful and ready to leave,Love had reached out its tentacles to her and she held on.Little by little I saw the signs; he was not good enough, that I felt at my first glance.There was something dark in his eyes and I could tell.To the aisles, they headed and she was sold to slavery.Days into the nuptial Bliss, was a peaceful missBeautiful face, bright eyes and noseShe was happy or so she thought Weeks passed and the real monster surfaced.At first black circles became friends with her eyes,She’d try to cover it up, but I always saw even down to vulnerability.The broken lips surfaced , handprints followed then blood I was horrified at the figure before me.She was no longer the sweet lady that brought me home She’d look at me and cry. I, her and mournHe came back and she healed but I knew better.Hit ! Kick ! Hit someone was pounding I felt.Then followed the scream.She ran into our room and then I saw the monster in his full form.Hit! Kick! push and with that she landed on my face.She looked at me and I saw in her what I had never seen before, Rage.We lay side by side while he left,She in a pool of blood, and I surrounded by my pieces.THE SILVER MIRROR I was her most prized possession, she made me glow.Her mother would tie her hair in front of me, and she’d look at me and smile.Her eyes were filled with love, it was more than a brown streamWe were the only ones in our kingdom as her father had left us in a coffinHer mother sought the best for her, and sometimes forgot who she was toiling for after all.Loneliness slapped us in the face and soon she spoke.Her mother pained, decided a little help was needed.The neighbour !A week after he was ushered in and gave her the attention she needed,She always told how good he was, and I did see truth to it.She showed me gifts and expressed her warmth, and I saw that she had seen a father in him.Today she stormed in tear eyed, confused, and scared.There was something she was not telling and I was her confidant.Moments after he followed with gifts, but I thought he was forbade from entering our room.He begged like his life depended on it, then I noticed her limping.She was horrified and I confused.Love had become fear in a matter of hours.She held her up and spoke harshly, she was never to mention to anyone he said.She fell and whimpered, and he left.She crawled to me and looked at me with disgust.She pulled off her skirt, then saw I marks in the forbidden area.Blood!! Marks! Pain .I now understood what had happened.She shrieked away from me like I repelled her,Or was it who she saw in me that drove her away?For thirteen years I was her Friend but now she loathed me.I saw her cry, and I died within me.When she arose she picked up the vase.And with a hard throw, my body cracked and let out pieces.I was betrayed, and she violated.She took a piece of me, and sliced her wrists. I lay helplessly as the blood bid her veins farewell,”Mother be on time” she whispered and with that she slept.N.M.N


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