March 2021

The Joy of being Loved and Appreciated

If you’ve ever had that feeling of being loved or appreciated, you will understand this story.

At Estate junction, there is this dog that always sit close to a butcher. I don’t know who owns the dog, but definitely not the butcher.

She looks so beautiful, kinda big and hairy. I’ve unconsciously made it a habit by turning to look at the butcher’s corner if “prof”(that’s her new name), was sitting closeby. I would giggle whenever I see her.

So, I decided to stop by someday to ask the butcher why the dog was always sitting closeby. He disclosed that she waits till he closes his sales, so that she can pick from the crumbs of brisket, marrows, and sinews left.

We agreed that I’ll pay him 50Naira for the bones anytime I see prof sitting close to him, he obliged. Thus, I’ll pick the bone and hand it over to prof, rather than let her wait till night fall for the crumbs. This continued for a long while, untill I stopped seeing her around. Prof was pregnant, but I didn’t know.

This other Saturday, I stepped out of the compound to get A&B for breakfast. I heard a dog barking continously, it barked and ran towards me. Hey! I recognised her, It’s my friend(prof). People were watching… ran to my feet, rolled on the tarred road, wagged the tail, jumped while making a funny sound. I rubbed my palm on her head. I felt so happy, she recognised me, but it’s been a while we saw at the Estate junction.

I walked down while she followed. The A&B quene was quite long, so I tapped the madam, booked a turn and was made to leave. Prof started barking, jumping all around close to the woman. The madam looked at me and said “dis ur dog dey wori o, abeg how much own u want mek una do dey go?”………That’s how I jumped the quene, bought my akara balls, and gave my prof two balls. I felt so loved.

We live to show love, and feel loved. And when we do, it always have a way of getting back to us.

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