Very important Information you need to know About peoples personal Opinion

Sometimes, you’ve got to respect people’s individual differences. What’s fun to you might not be fun to them.

On a normal work free day, just give me my phone, T.V, anybook I’m reading, diary, and my room……and I’ll lock myself inside, leaving the rest of you guys and your world.

I once told someone that I prefer Samsung phones to iphones, he got mad at me for saying that. In his words, “nobody can say that”…..hey bro, but I just did.

When I love, I love with all my soul and world. I don’t mind if ýou want to love with half of your mind. You might have your reasons and experiences, and I’ll never stand in your love life. It’s your life mehn.

I can be very sarcastic with my comments and replies when it comes to my paddy-paddies. I’ll show up to your update and won’t say your picture is fine. It’s an opportunity for me to finish you😂😂, and that’s me. So one human from Venus will show up in my inbox and say, “hey guy, you shouldn’t tell her that she has a big head”, While the lady is beside me laughing out loud. Mind your business o.

Anyone has the right to spend his money anyhow he/she wants. Don’t go about saying someone is wasting his/her money on something, that he should have rather given it to orphanage homes. My dear, shut the heck up, and do that with your own money. If I have the cash, I’ll even be having breakfast at a lounge at Texas. Come and beat me.

I might not have time to keep up with some TV programmes, but I’m surely not gonna criticize whoever that is seeing whatever. If she has the cash to subscribe her decoder, she equally has the right to watch her BbNaija programme. This other lady criticized a fellow lady for seeing BbNaija, so I asked her reasons. She complained of Pornography, I asked her if she has seen the complete series of Spartacus and Game of Thrones, she said yes. She marvelled and walked away.

If he chooses a babe that doesn’t meet your own standard, let him be. Are you the one marrying her, or do you have something else you’re not talking? Mind you, your babe is not the best in the world…walk!

You don’t go about dissing people’s job. If you feel bad about their condition, or what they do, get them employed or leave them alone. Don’t talk them down.

You criticise their party, you complained that it’s not up to standard, but you didn’t contribute to help them. Will you sharrap and mind your freaking biz.

When I get very mad and angry, you’ll see me quietly smiling, or I find a way to sleep. This does not mean I’m gonna castigate someone who is shouting at someone else when they’re mad. We’re all wired differently.

Anyhow d party b, I dey lyk catch my fun. If u na my friend, I folo hustle d food. No time. You guys take this life too serious… causing yourself headache and madness upandan.

Live your life, fear God, desist from friends that constantly put you down, have fun, have a dream, live it, and die being happy you’re gonna continue the fun at the other side😂


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