January 2016

Don’t Judge People without asking for Reasons

Growing up, I learnt one of those life lessons….Don’t judge……Those were the times life looked green on my side….I grew up understanding it. Mum will always say, “Nnaa, ask for reasons”

I was to run for a school post in the University that I attended. That was one thing I wrote in my diary on gaining admission. So, I worked towards it…..went for lectures, but my eyes was looking forward to my ambition.

Just one of those days when my poster wasn’t even out, a fellowship friend stopped me on my way home and said, “Prof, so you’re now a cultist?”…..I passed that for a question, thus replied with a “No”……I kept noticing attitudes…..I would sit on a pew and people will leave the seat. It made me sick and almost depressed… one ever cared to ask, if it was true, or why I was going for a school post. Some people outrightly said I will fail……Well, bottom story….I MADE IT.

You see these days, people go through unimaginable things. Someone might not be in church for sometime, and without asking, you’ve decided and concluded on why the person hasn’t been around. I wouldn’t see a divorced lady/guy and condemn. Some of them have seen hell. So, I would rather say a word of prayer for them than castigate.

I once saw a serious Christian who started jumping from prayer houses to prayer houses, friends who didn’t make it to the University, seen friends without jobs, people deported, people imprisoned, unmarried fellows, HIV patients…..No, I won’t judge.

Many others who have given up on love, who can’t use the cutlery, sick, who can can’t read nor write, who can’t feed their kids, who doesn’t have much cloths to wear, who walks to work, etc…..Life probably happened to them. I have even stopped asking “why”…..I simply pray to God to help them, and also help me too…..because I wouldn’t know if I could endure.

I’ve seen a group of ladies pass a comment to a young beautiful lady, who has been married for 6 years without child. In their words, “who knows what she has done with her womb before marriage?”…..What Nonsense!!!…..I have seen people pass comments at pastors who own cars, stating that they feed off people’s Tithes. Rubbish!!

You see, if some of us go through what some of our friends, family members, colleagues, neighbours, etc go through, we would do worse or even be long gone. We’re not all perfect. If you can’t help, then don’t throw tantrums.

In as much as you’re making lemonades out of the lemon life gave you, remember that some people haven’t received their own lemons yet.


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